Costa Rica

Une carte bleue très verte

Une carte bleue très verte

Servibanca Verde Pour changer un peu, parlons argent. Ce n’est pas une nouvelle, ça date d’environ un an, et ça vient de chez moi, du Costa Rica. Il s’agit d’une carte bleue, verte. Depuis fin 2010, l’une des cinq banques d’État, le Banco Nacional, propose à ses clients une carte de débit “verte”. On connaît tous les couleurs traditionnelles : argent, or, platine, black, … Alors, qu’est-ce qu’elle a de si spécial cette carte “verte” ?

Crossing oceans... (part II, the return)

So, here I am, preparing to go back to Paris. And, by preparing, I mean I’m already at the airport in San José where they do offer free WiFi (unlike Barajas). There was lots of work to do last week: a full schedule of meetings last Monday and Tuesday and after that, a less-full schedule of family to meet until today, as well as a passport to make. I’ll be talking about the passport later this week (or in a couple of weeks, we’ll see) in order to put the “tech” back in my blog.

Crossing oceans… (part I)

Oops, I forgot to post this when arriving at Costa Rica. I’ll post now, and you can read everything about me leaving in the next entry ;) I am sitting on the floor in Barajas airport in Madrid right now. It’s 09:24 local time and the airport is as empty as they get. This entry will not be posted right away though. I have no intention (or the means) to pay 5€ for 30 minutes of wireless Internet access (I’ll talk about this again later.