I have [finally] resumed work on amazOOP

So, most of my readers are not concerned by this post, but I’m still writing it for the occasional surfer coming from search engines and forums. I have resumed work on my open-source project amazOOP. I just committed about 12000 lines of alpha code to SVN so that you can see what the code is starting to look like. Major changes: PHP 5: I know most of the Web hasn’t migrated to PHP 5, but I have.

Finally, an incentive!

Finally, after who-knows-how-many years (2-3?) of developing and using amazOOP, I got a real incentive to keep working on it: my fist Amazon cheque!!! It’s from, which ironically was the last affiliate programme I subscribed to, but who cares… I just hope the other Amazons will follow the German example soon ;)