Crossing oceans... (part II, the return)

So, here I am, preparing to go back to Paris. And, by preparing, I mean I’m already at the airport in San José where they do offer free WiFi (unlike Barajas). There was lots of work to do last week: a full schedule of meetings last Monday and Tuesday and after that, a less-full schedule of family to meet until today, as well as a passport to make. I’ll be talking about the passport later this week (or in a couple of weeks, we’ll see) in order to put the “tech” back in my blog.

Crossing oceans… (part I)

Oops, I forgot to post this when arriving at Costa Rica. I’ll post now, and you can read everything about me leaving in the next entry ;) I am sitting on the floor in Barajas airport in Madrid right now. It’s 09:24 local time and the airport is as empty as they get. This entry will not be posted right away though. I have no intention (or the means) to pay 5€ for 30 minutes of wireless Internet access (I’ll talk about this again later.