On Jobs’s thoughts on Flash

Yesterday, our favourite black turtleneck-wearing guru published a short essay detailing his Thoughts on Flash, where he details why Adobe’s Flash will never by supported on his iPhones and iPads. Recommended reading, definitively! It’s just hilarious. I obviously have to admit that the iPhone, new Macs, etc. have sent Jobs soaring through the stratosphere. Unfortunately, I’m afraid his brain is now lacking oxygen… Take a look at some of Jobs’s points:

And the prize for best writing goes to…

…Adobe! For this magnificent dialog box in its ubiquitous Adobe Reader. The best part is that I couldn’t even open the PDF I wanted to open, and I’ll never know why :P Comments: Beedoo - Aug 3, 2009 I have the same :) It occurs when you open a pdf file through IE on Windows 7 ? If yes, try to download it and open it :) Patrice Lamarche - Aug 3, 2009