Update Those Gaydars

Je fais l’effort de transcrire ce sketch de Mike MacRae, mais pas de traduire, désolé ;)

I used to live in Houston, Texas. Very big gay community down there, a lot of gay bars… A lot of straight people go to the gay bars, but I didn’t know that when I first moved there.

One time my friends were like “Hey, man, were going over to the, you know, Flip Flop or whatever, come with us.” I was kind of squirrely about it and they were like “Don’t worry, dude, gay people have what they call gaydar.”

Right, you guys have heard this term, gaydar. It’s what they call their little ability to tell who’s gay and who’s not gay. It’s like radar, but it’s gay, somehow, I guess… And I’m, alright, they’ll just know I’m no gay and they’ll leave me alone, right? Ha, ha— No!

Apparently a lot of the older dudes are still equipped with, like, old Soviet/Cold War-era gaydar, that they got off the Mujahadin from the black market in the ‘80s or something like that. ‘Cause it didn’t really work too well anymore. ‘Cause I ended up the night in a sailor suit, crying.

So, you gotta go with the upgrades on that gaydar. Download them when they come out!