Kuala Lumpur, Day 1

Kuala Lumpur
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It was like a 1000 degrees in Kuala Lumpur today! OK, I may be exaggerating, I think it was an average of about 32° with a maximum of about 35°.

Still, that didn’t stop me from walking around the city. Yes, walking! I was sweating like [insert whatever you think sweats the most in the world here], but I really don’t see how you else you can enjoy a city.

The more I walked around the city, the more I liked it and its people. Even around 1 or 2 p.m. when I was pushing my way through the crowded hawker-filled alleys of Little India it didn’t feel as bad or as uncomfortable as Avenida Central or rue de Rivoli.

And the people are just so friendly; I can’t even remember how many times I got stopped today, just for a few minutes of friendly chat! I remember this Malay lady right outside the Petronas Towers, who asked my where I came from, since “my skin color didn’t look Malaysian”. There was also this Filipino guy, who wanted to know where I bought my shorts; he looked a little disappointed when I told him it came from Costa Rica. I also got my fortune told by an Indian man, for free! He said I was surely very lucky and he talked about this one very good friend I have to take care of. It’s probably just generic stuff, but it sounded quite right to me ;)

Food-wise, I’m in paradise! There’s just so much choice and so varied, I don’t even know where to start. I know this morning I discovered my new favorite drink: teh ais. I soon as I stop chugging them like they’re going to run out, I’ll take a picture to show you what they look like, although you really have to taste to understand.

Finally, as if the day’s heat hadn’t been enough, right when I was getting ready to do some night photography of the the KLCC area, it started pouring like I hadn’t seen in a while; like I hadn’t seen since… well I’m not sure if my last downpour was in Costa Rica or in Seoul. My tropical upbringing was enough to know that there was nothing to panic about, though. I went out to take a few “wet pictures” and then waited for the rain to pass while planning my trip to the Perhentian Islands.

Today’s disappointment was not being able to go up the Petronas Towers. Apparently you have to be there extra early to get in. I guess that’s what happens when stuff is free. I did get to go up Menara KL though, where I saw a few animals that reminded me of one or two friends ;) and even got to play with a reptile or two.

Tomorrow’s plans? To get to the Petronas Towers very early in the morning in order to go up to the Skybridge. I haven’t thought much about the rest of the day yet, though. I’m already looking forward to a few days at the beach. And I leave you with a message I found while walking around:

Life is great!