2009-05-21 19:25 Gmt+8

I’m on a night bus to Hangzhou, where I will grab a plane to Kuala Lumpur. It is crowded as hell. I’m afraid for the people sleeping on the floor as the bus guy keeps walking over them. I’m on a top bunk with the TV right in front of my eyes. Hopefully it will be turned off eventually, but in the end I don’t really care. My bunk is barely larger than my hips, and definitively narrower than my shoulders. I have my camera, breakfast/dinner between my legs as well as my shoes. My backpack’s behind my back, which means I’m almost sitting up. I’ll change position later. As usual, I regret not speaking Mandarin. I can’t understand a word of what anyone’s saying and they don’t understand me. I really hope I get off in the right city. I think someone behind me is going to throw up. I see plastic bags going over me and people hurrying. I’m actually glad I don’t understand *this*. Remind me that I owe Yu Li and David dinner for everything they’ve done.