“The Art & Science Of CSS” FREE Download through Twitter

The Art and Science of CSS

Sitepoint is giving away its book The Art & Science of CSS during a two-week “Twitaway” (5 days left as of the writing of this post).

The book looks pretty interesting from what I browsed when I got it a few minutes ago, so I actually recommend it at least as a quick reference for some pretty useful CSS techniques.

What do you have to do to get it? This is where it gets interesting:

Follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter*! You’ll get a DM with instructions on how to get it.

I’m quite a fan of Twitter (you can follow me if you want), so I really like the idea. If you’re worried about your “stats”, don’t: @sitepointdotcom will follow you back :P And if you’re worried about spam, you can always stop following the account with a single click ;)

* If you don’t have a Twitter account (although I really encourage you to create one, you might like it) you can also get the instructions by e-mail.