I'm almost famous!

A few weeks ago, I was followed around by a cameraman for a piece for France 24 (a French TV station). I knew that it would be broadcast on TV, their web site and on YouTube sometime during the summer and they told me that they’d let me know. But that’s not how things work nowadays…

Last Sunday, a regular Sunday morning, I woke up at around 1 p.m. and opened my computer. Soon after the different IM systems started to show me online, a Costa Rican friend that’s living in Taiwan popped up and said “hey, I saw your video on YouTube!” I must admit that I was a little worried, because people have put stuff up there that I’m not really proud of. But there was nothing to be worried about; he was pointing me to a video called World Class Teacher from Costa Rica. Just how cool is that?!

Here’s the video in English:

And the same, but in original French:

I need to get them in better quality, but for now, this is as close as I’ve ever been to taking over the world ;)


Jonathan - Sep 3, 2008

Hé bien ! Quelle star Mauricio ! J’espère moi aussi t’avoir en prof :p Sinon, j’aime bien le dernier passage, tout à la fin, quand Alick vient te re-re-re-serrer la main (devant la camera) :-)