Define "seamless"...

(Disclaimer: although I’m all for constructive criticism most of the time, this is clearly nothing more than a rant, which by the way, does not even deserve translating.)

Lets start with a dictionary definition of the word seamless:

adjective. perfectly consistent and coherent

Now lets take a look at a quote from the website of a product I decided to work with while writing my book on WPF (highlight mine):

Expression Design is the perfect companion to Expression Blend, letting you quickly build sophisticated vector assets. Then seamlessly transfer — by way of XAML — your graphics to your Expression Blend projects.

Finally, lets take a look at what actually happens when the product in question “seamlessly” exports to XAML:


Do you see it too? How its not at all consistent or coherent, but rather the outlines become horrible thick black blotches and the gradients simply disappear? Ah, thank you… That’s a relief. For a moment there I thought it was just me.

In whoever wrote that clearly fallacious marketing crap’s defense, they do seem to know what the imputed word means. Take a look at this other quote:

Or seamlessly copy and paste your images into Microsoft Office while preserving transparency.

Ah, now this one does work, as you can see in this screen-shot:


You have to wonder what kind of black magic is behind this magnificent feat:


Oh, a PNG. Why not?