Imagine Cup 2007 Results, you cannot win every time

The WinnersThis post is long due, but I guess since it doesn’t concern me I wasn’t in a hurry.

No, I’m just kidding. Of course, the most exciting moment of every competition is the announcement of the winners, so here they are, in case you are not interested in the official press release:

Software Design

  • First place: Thailand — Team 3KC Returns/Project LiveBook!
    • Prachaya Phaisanwiphatpong, Vasan Chienmaneetaweesin, Jatupon Sukkasem, Pathompol Saeng-Uraiporn
  • Second place: Korea — Team En#605/Project Finger Code
    • Lim Chan-kyu, Min Kyoung-hoon, Lim Byoung-su, Jeong Ji-hyeon
  • Third place: Jamaica — Team ICAD/Project CADI
    • Imran Allie, Conroy Smith, Ayson Baxter, Damion Mitchell

Embedded Development

  • First place: Brazil — Team TriventDreams ED
    • Carlos Eduardo Rodriques, Andrew Wilson Furtado, Ivan Cordeiro Cardim
  • Second place: Romania — Team Aether
    • Alexandru Vranescu, Bogdan Tanasa, Ionel Vuza, Bogdan Holmanu
  • Third place: China — Team SEED
    • Huning Dai, Zhou Xue, Ziqing Ye, Dai Tang

Web Development

  • First place: France — Team APB
    • Benjamin Talmard, Thomas Albisser, Pierrick Blons, Sebastien Lam
  • Second place: Ireland — Team Red Dawn
    • Mohammed Al-Tahs, Marouf Azad
  • Third place: China — Team Frontfree Studio-Web
    • Jiasheng Guo, Weining Sha, Xia Xiao, Zhenda Zhao

Project Hoshimi (Programming Battle)

  • First place: Argentina — Team OIA
    • Pablo Gauna, Nicolás Rodríguez Vilela
  • Second place: FranceTeam Arenium
    • Laure Portet, Régis Hanol
  • Third place: Serbia — Team vladan.simov
    • Vladan Simov

IT Challenge

  • First place: China — Zhifeng Chen
  • Second place: France — Romain Larmet
  • Third place: Romania — Ilie Cosmin Viorel


  • First place: Poland — Przemyslaw Debiak
  • Second place: Ukraine — Roman Koshlyak
  • Third place: Hungary — Szilveszter Szebeni


  • First place: Poland — Team Maraqja
    • Iwona Bielecka, Malgorzata Lopaciuk
  • Second place: Croatia — Team Black and White
    • Aleksandar Kordic, Igor Matoša
  • Third place: Canada — Team Awesome
    • Patrick Struys, Ryan Marr

Short Film

  • First place: Poland — Team Skylined
    • Julia Górniewicz, Jacek Barcikowski
  • Second place: Taiwan — Team Circle
    • Chang Hao-Jan, Chang Shu-Wei, Tseng Yen-Chi, Lin Di-Er
  • Third place: Brazil — Team Papa Paçoca
    • Alexandre Nacari, Arthur de Pádua, Felipe Pellisser, Wendel Yokoyama

Interface Design

  • First place: Austria — Team OOT Graphics
    • Verena Lugmayr, Claudia Oster
  • Second place: China — Team Frontfree Studio UI
    • Dongjing Yao, Yushi Ma
  • Third place: France — Team Atomnium
    • Manon Gaucher, Flavien Charlon

So, as you may have noticed, although the French team didn’t qualify for the Software Design category, it still went home victorious with 4 other trophies!

I’m also very happy for the Jamaicans who won 3rd place in Software Design since they were representing Central America and the Caribbean, so in a certain sense, they were my team :)

Something else you may have noticed is that my name is not on the list. This was kind of expected since I never really finished the application I submitted for Round 2 of the competition, but it’s still a bummer. On the bright side, I get to participate next year on whatever category I want.

And where will we compete next year?

Imagine Cup 2008

In case the Eiffel Tower and the Arc du Triomphe were not enough clues, the location is France. The finals of Imagine Cup 2008 will be in Paris, France, in July 2008. I’ll definitively be there. Hopefully as a finalist.

So there you go. I still have a couple of posts about Imagine Cup and Seoul left to write, and then the blog will go back to normal.