Sleepless in Seoul

Things moved so fast (or I was too slow) to write about the start of the 24-hour competition that took place from 14h GMT+9 on Monday 6th to 14h GMT+9 on Tuesday 7th.

The competition involved students from practically all categories, including mine: Interface Design.

Here are a couple of pictures I uploaded to Flick before starting:

Interface Design

The cubicles of all 6 Interface Design contestants.

Our booth

This is our booth, before the competition started.

Our booth 24 hours later

And the same 24 hours later. As you can see, we managed to keep it quite clean in spite of the tens of bottles of water and cans of soda drinks that came by…

As for the competition, the 24-hour challenge ended about 4h40 ago, which means I haven’t slept in about… …33 hours. We already presented both programs (the one that qualified us and the one we developed during the last 24 hours) in front of the judges:

The judges

Now all that’s left is waiting for the winners to be announced on Friday (I think) and enjoying Korea in the meanwhile. Tomorrow, a tour of the city of Seoul is planned, I guess it should give me material for photos and writing. For now, priority number one is eating as soon as possible in order to go to bed as early as possible. That shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.