Nothing on TV? Switch to Channel 8!

I don’t know when this went online because I’ve been mostly disconnected lately, with the moving and all, so I haven’t been able to keep up with the blogosphere, but still I would like to present you a new Microsoft site.

First, do you know about Channel 9 and Channel 10?

Channel 9 was one of Microsoft’s first initiatives to open up to the general public. Today it’s a website where developers, IT pros and other geeks can learn everything about past, present and future Microsoft technologies via videos, forums, blogs, etc.

Given Channel 9’s success, another website of the same kind was created: Channel 10. Channel 10 follows the same principles, but it isn’t necessarily as technical. It’s branded for “technology enthusiasts.”

And now, after 9 and 10, Microsoft has created a new website: I’m talking about Channel 8.

Channel 8

Channel 8 is for students.

The site will obviously concern technology, as do the other two channels (this is Microsoft after all), but all content will be created with students in mind: what students need, what students want, etc. Given the community-oriented nature of the site, it should be easy to stay on target.

You can take a look at the video presentation by Joe Wilson, Director of Academic Initiatives at Microsoft, and then start talking about it to your friends. Hopefully, content will be flowing soon and this site will be as much a success as its two predecessors.

So enjoy the site’s cool looks for now and go back often to see how it gets better and better.