My Blog - Beta!

When I announced my new blog last night, I forgot to mention something: I should have added the word “Beta” somewhere near the logo, because this site is far from being complete. And I’m not talking about content, because we all know that a blog is never complete when it comes to content (unless it’s closed), I’m talking about code!

No, this is not a “Web 2.0” web site, it’s just that the engine I’m working on to host this hasn’t been finished. Not only do I have to work by day, but I also have to retrieve as much as possible from the previous version of the blog before it disappears from Google’s cache and I have to add new features to the engine to support everything I need/want.

So please bear with me as I polish things and I promise I’ll share my [re]discoveries (we’re talking C# 3.0, LINQ, but also ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX, amongst others here) with you.