Your help is needed to find Jim Gray!

I know I have a tendency to abuse exclamation marks, but this time it is really important.

On Sunday, January 28th, 2007, Jim Gray, a renowned computer scientist was reported missing at sea. As of Thursday, Feb. 1st, the US Coast Guard has called off the search, having found no trace of the boat or any of its emergency equipment.

Follow the story here.

Through the generous efforts of his friends, family, various communities and agencies, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.

The satellite images have been put on the Amazon Mechanical Turk and you can help with the search efforts by dedicating some of your time to looking for Jim’s boat.

So put whatever you intended to do on the Web today aside for a couple of minutes. I am sure Jim’s family will appreciate it very much.

Click here to go to the Mechanical Turk.