Mozy is now available for Vista!

One of my greatest fears when I made the move to Vista was that Mozy, the service I use for my online backups, wasn’t supported yet. Since my Windows XP had stopped working properly I still installed Vista and crossed my fingers.

Since Vista was launched a couple of days ago, I have visited the Mozy site almost every day hoping to see a version that supports Vista, and last night, finally, I was able to download a Vista-compatible version of Mozy.

As usual, it works great and, as I write this, all my important files are being encrypted and uploaded to Mozy’s servers.

I strongly encourage anyone that is not backing up their files to subscribe to Mozy. Their software is extremely easy to use and their basic service gives you 2 GB of storage for your back ups. Additionally, if you use the link below, you will get 256 MB additionally storage space:

All I need now is Windows Media Player, once again, thanks EU for “protecting my interests”…


Verner - Sep 5, 2008

Online backup is also one of my favorite services. It just makes my life simpler. I have created a site for this where I write about internet backup services and restore options. let me know what you think.