Best browser out there

So, if you’re reading this blog you have probably already downloaded and installed the latest version of Internet Explorer and/or Firefox and arbitrarily taken sides in the raging Browser Wars.

Well, if you need/want to verify that you’ve made the right choice take a look at the results of Long Zheng’s fairest and most definite browser comparison.


Colan Kotpersky - Nov 4, 2008

Whats up with best browser, browsers are becoming unimportant, its the content and the applications that counts in my opinion and neither Fox or IE or Other Browser people are thinking about this. I personally use the Gluon Browser, which is by the way the only browser that offers Online Applications.

madd0 - Nov 4, 2008

You did get the fact that this was all a joke right? All Long’s script does is tell you that your current browser is the best browser ever :P